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  • 5th October
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I’m a freelance journalist and it seems as if most journalists have a blog, right? I’ve been writing full-time for over a year and I never really intended this to be my career. I always wanted to write the sports column for a paper, work in public relations for a professional sports team or pretty much any job that seemed cool or trendy in the journalism, PR or marketing field. And that never happened! But never say never right, you never know what th future holds. Instead of beginning my trendy job out of college, I began a less than glamorous job in a doctor’s office. While there, I applied for other jobs like it was my job. I ended up with an internship, which opened up some doors for freelance writing. Maybe the master’s degree did too. I hope so, as I am currently pursuing my second master’s degree. When I started to realize I was making more money  working a few hours a week at home than I was working a full-time job, a light bulb went off. I quite my job and here I am …this was only intended to be temporary. However, my heart is still torn on whether or not I should get a “real job” — I have friends who are convinced I don’t work. Then, I bought a house, while being self-employed and just 25 years old. That caused a lot of people to get real quiet. My so-called “fake” job was now awesome. While there are days working by the pool, in sweatpants, in my pajamas or at Panera are awesome, sometimes I just want to break out my business casual clothes, sit in traffic and go to work. In the mean time or until I decide, As a began writing, I picked up a renewed interest in an old passion (health and fitness). Writing article after article in health and fitness caused me to want to work in the field hands on. Ultimately, this has landed me back in grad school for a second time. I’m pursuing an M.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. I think I’ll just continue to type.